Welcome to NASCON

The National Spelling Competition of Nigeria.We encourage vocabulary development, public speaking and accurate spelling skills in Nigerian students.

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# Playing a crucial role in modern-day educational development in Nigeria through qualitative Spelling Bee Competitions via encouraging creativity and logical thinking in school-age learners through healthy academic competition.

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Providing the framework for a holistic education of the Nigerian youth and fostering the spirit of active reading and dedicated study in Nigerians.

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Who We Are

The acronym NASCON refers to the National Spelling Competition of Nigeria. It is an innovative national academic programme organized to groom the Nigerian Society especially the school-age, active minds in the art of vocabulary development and spelling.

Our Vision

We aim at establishing and sustaining interest in school work and thus building a solid foundation for the future education of the Nigerian youth. To achieve this, we organize spelling competitions known as Spelling Bee that produces spelling heroes/heroines. 


Registration is open to practically people of all ages, social status and economic position, provided they fulfill the requirements as outlined in the Orientation Guideline.Interested individuals can register here

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Background Information

“Spelling Bee” is an educational competition in which player attempts to spell words correctly and aloud words assigned to them randomly and by an impartial judge. Spellers among many are eliminated one after the other when they misspell a word or in some cases series of words and the last man standing being the only remaining players and who has successfully excel in all the different stages of the completion is crown the nation’s heroes or champion. 

The Spelling bee of Nigeria was established in response to a need within the community for a stimulating, education program, outside the regular school curriculum, which would focus specifically on English language basics.

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