• What does the school stand to benefit from registering with NASCON?

Benefits of registering with NASCON

  • How do we register with NASCON?

School administrators are expected to fill out the NASCON Registration Form and submit/send.


  • How will registering with NASCON and preparing for the competition affect regular school work?

Participating in NASCON does not upset or interrupt school work. It equips students to perform better in school as it requires active reading and brain exercises. Preparation for the competition should therefore not be done at the expense of regular school programme. (Link to NASCON Orientation Booklet)

  • Who is a home-schooled student?

NASCON defines a home schooled student as a student who does not attend a conventional school but is educated either at home by the parents or a tutor.

  • I am home schooled. Can I register for NASCON?

The NASCON Spelling Bee is for candidates who meet all Eligibility requirements set out in the Orientation Guide and students are considered purely on merit. Kindly click Information for Parents/Guardians for more information

  • Who am I going to compete with?

Please refer to Orientation Guide.


  • Can I accompany my child to the competition?

NASCON gives PASS to one person only, who accompanies the contestant to the competition venue. The parent/guardian and the school decide who accompanies the contestant.

  • Can I register my child on my own?

Yes, provided that the child’s school is not already registered with NASCON and the requirements for registration as outlined in the Eligibility form are fulfilled. Kindly click on Information for Parents/Guardians for more information

  • How guaranteed is my child/ward’s safety?

All necessary safety and security measures will be ensured by NASCON

  • My child has special needs what considerations are in place by NASCON?

While the competition does not give any concession for contestants with special needs, NASCON however, requires that such information be made available in advance so that accommodation arrangements are made to suit the needs of such contestants.