Information for Parents and Guardians

As a parent or guardian you certainly know that you are primarily responsible for the overall growth and development of your child/ward. This passion to watch them succeed can sometimes be an overwhelming and weighty responsibility.


Activities such as guiding them during their homework, open and regular discussions on academic performance and career choices can encourage students to express themselves and expose their learning constraints.With consistent, well-channelled effort, this goal can be achieved especially if you are open to assistance from adequately qualified resources that share same goals.


NASCON is a stimulating, interactive scholarly programme outside the regular school curriculum that develops and nurtures the cognitive and intellectual skills of learners.


Expectedly, NASCON relies heavily on the support of parents/guardians in effecting the needed academic changes in your child/ward as we believe you want the best for them. So, then, encourage your ward to participate in the NASCON Competition.


However, parents can only register their wards directly with NASCON if the ward’s school is not registered or if they are not students of a conventional school (home-schooled).