Information for Students

Students are the special target of NASCON. We at NASCON are interested not only in your academic success but your total development in terms of oratory skill, self esteem and pride in academic achievement.Although your success in life depends on you and the choices you make, much of what you do is influenced by the people in your life; parents, teachers, peers and the society at large. The bottom line is that you want to carve out an amazing future for yourself.


NASCON seeks to provide the needed assistance for you to achieve your goals. Our focus is on merit not mediocrity hence we are searching for dedicated and serious minded students to participate in our competition.We encourage students to embrace the reading culture and take it up as a hobby; this will aid in developing their vocabulary and expand their knowledge base.


Registration with NASCON can be through your school as long as it is registered with NASCON. However, if your school is not registered or you do not attend a regular school information on how you can become a part of NASCON can be found on the Orientation Guide.