Orientation Guideline

The cardinal hallmark of competition is the scramble for excellence and supremacy. Understandably, uniqueness, originality and stamina must not be compromised and mediocrity is intolerable. Granted, NASCON competition is not a forum for accentuating one school over others; individual schools must continue to shoulder the sole responsibility of advertising themselves. Nevertheless, excellence attracts attention.


And so if a school produces a winning candidate at our competition, that invariably wins credit and renown for his/her school. School headmasters and principals thus want to do their best to spur their candidate(s) to victory, knowing full well the school’s name and image are inseparably linked with the competition. This, though, should not be done at the expense of the regular school programme.


It must be borne in mind that the essence of the competition is not merely to produce a spelling hero. Neither is it to pitch one school against another. Rather, it is to present a holistic approach to addressing the age-old setbacks that our indigenous educational system has been coloured by. This awareness should prod all in the academia and lower echelons of learning to make unselfish, generous contribution to the success and sustenance of this all-important programme even if they do not directly participate in its status -changing exercises. Noteworthy, too, is that all in the school system and outside who have suggestions and constructive criticism on NASCON Competition should please feel free to contact us through any of our contact points. In this respect, too, NASCON encourages all interested persons and agencies to keep abreast of periodic adjustments in the organisation’s enrolment provisos, media profiling orientation and public awareness campaign.

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General Competition Rules

Vocabulary Rules